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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. With almost over nine planets conquered Prince of Daxam will have to conquer another most important aspect before he sits on the throne.

And he sure has a mentor, a guide in the form of a Professor. Whilst an older Kara is a sensually liberated woman after a horrible violation. She knows she will take no shit and she's the only one to put down and punish the Prince when he gets difficult. And makes no secret of her wants, ambitions and desires. Will the Young Prince fall in the trap of desire and endless possibilities of love with his professor or will he take charge and teach the teacher?

One, two, princes kneel before you That's what I said, now Princes, Princes who adore you Just go ahead, now One has diamonds in his pockets That's some bread, now This one, said he wants to buy you rockets Ain't in his head, now Marry him or marry me You marry him, your father will condone you How 'bout that, now You marry me, your father will disown you He'll eat his hat, now. After having nightmares about Kai, Bonnie decides to go to the prison world to make sure he never escapes, but everything gets complicated when she is forced into a game she can't get out of.

Humans are not the only species in the world, there are many other things hidden in the shadows. Around America, there are multiple places that are considered supernatural hotspots. Up in north Virginia, there is a quaint but dump of a town named Mystic Falls, and down south, New Orleans is full of glitz and glamour, but in truth, there are many shadows hidden all under that. In the Big Easy, there is a school, from what humans know,it's full of rich kids with problems but in truth, it's a school for the supernaturals.

The factions of the big easy have learned to live with each other but can they face monsters they themselves considered fairy tales and legends. What if Kai Parker found the twins before Caroline did all those years ago?

What if they had a bond forged by them being the last Gemini? What would happen? The twins stare at him in confusion. What if the sand clock wasn't the only thing that held powerful magic? The Necromancer is searching for a relic of old. An amulet that contains magick that has been long since forgotten. What if Lizzie finds it first? The sorcerors in the universe of 'Merlin' died out 3 thousand ago Mainly featuring Kai Parker, but Damon Salvatore makes an appearance.

A lot of BonKai and a lot of Kai x Reader.Jay: I have an idea :D. Kai: What is it? Jay: Let's all play Truth or Dare! Cole: I'm in. Zane: So am I. Kai: Eh, why not? Nya: Sounds fun. Lloyd: Guys, I don't know about this Jay: Why not, Green Machine?

Lloyd: Actually, yeah, a little. Kai: Why? Lloyd: This game seems to have a way of making people upset. Cole: Aw, c'mon, Lloyd. Play with us! Zane: Please? Lloyd: Ok, fine. Jay: Yayyyyy! Nya: Jay, you can go first cause it was your idea. Jay: Hmm Cole, truth or dare? Cole: Dare, duh. Jay: I dare you to possess someone! Cole: I'm not doing that, Zaptrap! Kai: You have to. Cole: Fine. Jay: My name is Jay and I like kissing pillows.

Cole: Happy? Jay: Hey, no fair! Cole made me type that! I don't kiss pillows Lloyd: Not so fun being possessed, is it? Jay: Nope.

Cole: Moving on. Nya, truth or dare?

kaisoo fanfic

Nya: Dare.Kai is an orphan who became an airbender after the Harmonic Convergence of AG. As part of the Air Nation, he became a more honorable person, living to serve others by bringing peace and balance wherever possible. Sometime after AG, he also entered in a romantic relationship with Jinora. Kai grew up as an orphan. When he was finally adopted by a nice family in AG, he took advantage of their kindness by stealing their life savings and spent six months on the run from Earth Kingdom authorities.

Kai was accepted into the new Air Nation despite his mischievous nature. Following Harmonic Convergence, Kai soon discovered he possessed airbending.

Soon after, he encountered Team Avatarwho was searching for airbenders to rebuild the Air Nation. He told them a false story on how his parents were killed by outlaws who were pursuing them, earning their sympathy and quickly being accepted in their company.

Just as he boarded their airship, ready to depart, a sheriff and his deputies arrived, whom he falsely claimed to be outlaws. After Avatar Korra bested them, the sheriff revealed Kai's true identity as a thief.

The boy attempted to run off with his loot, but was caught by Mako. The sheriff quickly took custody of the young lad, intending to send him to prison. However, in exchange for returning the life savings to Kai's family, Korra convinced the sheriff to allow Kai to turn over a new leaf with Team Avatar.

Though the compromise was accepted, Mako warned Kai that he would be watching him, stating he knew the kind of person Kai was, due to having a similar past. Promising to change, the young boy turned to board the ship, where he gladly accepted Jinora's offer to teach him more about airbending, just before she blushed. Kai used his airbending to aid his pick-pocketing of rich citizens.

While en route to Ba Sing Se, Kai attended an airbending lesson under Jinora's tutelage, during which he swiftly took down Bumi with one air swipe. He stole the retired commander's wallet during the skirmish, engaging in a game of chase after Bumi found out. Upon arriving in Ba Sing Se, Kai's kleptomania got the better of him and he slipped away to use his airbending to pickpocket the wealthy. He ran away from them, though as he boarded the monorailhe was grabbed by the collar by Mako. However, he used his airbending to free himself and managed to exit the cart just in time before it left for the Lower Ringleaving the brothers on it without their wallets.Originally posted by animatedtext.

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And Then Kai Did It, A Ninjago Fanfic

Show more notes. When you have to choose between reading fanfiction, watching anime, reading manga, watching kpop vids on YouTube or playing games. Random Okay but imagine your otp It's fanfic materials exo Bts hetalia usuk ereri kaisoo chanbaek taekook. Friend: what were you doing all night? Me: Originally posted by no-ones-fantasy.

Warnings: slight! But then he runs into Jongin, a telepathic soldier, and everything he has ever known seems to fall apart. Are you offering? Public, Smut Top! Jongin, Bottom! AU, Fluff, romance, smut, tattoo!Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Part of the Falconry-verse. Miguel as a Miyagi do student by Thewriternextdoor reviews Miguel joins Miyagi do! Which of courses changes many things!

Finally getting this story started. A fresh start by Thewriternextdoor reviews Jessica Andrews has returned to California. She has two kids. Jennifer and Jason. All 3 of them want a fresh start with their lives after leaving Ohio. When he moves to Californianothing is the same. Things are different. But, John Kreese has returned! Will Johnny let him into the dojo? Or will Robby talk him out of it? Who will Tory end up with? Will Demetri join Cobra Kai?

Read to find out! No Copyright Infringement intended! My Drabble challenge by Thewriternextdoor reviews Between word chapters.

Just something fun to do. Friends turned more by Thewriternextdoor reviews What if Aisha went to talk to Miguel in the 5th episode of season 2 instead of Tory? A Cruel Summer: Gone in a Dream by Tony reviews Following the events of the season 2 finale, Miguel wakes up at the beginning of the summer.

With the knowledge of the future, Miguel attempts to right his wrongs. Season 2 spoilers within. Who can you trust? But this happiness doesn't last long, because of a letter which threatens the person he loves most.

And what does Daniel LaRusso has to do with all of that? Enemies combined by Thewriternextdoor Johnny and Daniel have spent so long hating each other but now they have to put their hatred aside. Once and for all. OCs and drama, taking prompt requests. Who Is Like God? In the end it's only about the choices you make, for yourself or for others, and Miguel is struggling to keep up with it all.He is the former leader of the Blade Sharks and current leader of the G Revolutions english dub only.

He is also a former member of the Blitzkrieg Boys. Manga: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Noted to have the most drastic outfit changes in the series, though he frequently wears a tight tank-top with baggy pants predominantly in purple and black.

Kai is tall and muscular. His appearance in the anime of season one is the most similar to his Anime counterpart; pale skin-tone lighter in the Animebrown eyes and dark hair with blue-gray bangs that get darker as the series goes on. Kai is the tallest member of the Bladebreakers, being at a height of 5'6".

So... we read the whole fanfiction...

His most recognizable trademark is his cobalt blue face mark that are revealed to be painted on in V-Force Doesn't have them while he is at school.

Kai's facepaint is "war paint" and he first wore it when he declared to erase Beyblade, though even when he stopped hating Beyblade he continued to wear it. The face paint itself represents shark teeth, being he was the leader of the Blade Sharks originally.

And Then Kai Did It, A Ninjago Fanfic

Another trait would be his long and thick white scarf though he doesn't wear this in V-Force. It is filled with weights and is so heavy that it cracks the ground whenever it is thrown. He briefly has a black piercing on his left earlobe in V-Force.

He is the oldest member of the Bladebreakers so is more mature and subdued than the rest of the team. He gets along the best with Ray Kon as they are similar in age and are the most mature. Though the role of Captain Dub Only was forced on him, he is a good leader who is able to calm down Tyson when he is about to let his temper get the best of him. Manga: Volumes Kai is seen wearing cerulean baggy pants with large pockets, with a black tight-fitting tank-top, with red ends and yellow buttons.

His shoes are black with red stripes and resembles skater-shoes. He is wearing his signature scarf, and red arm-guards. Manga: Volumes he is wearing gray pants with red stripes above his knees, and a purple tank-top with a turtle neck, replacing his scarf, and with red stripes and yellow buttons. He is wearing purple on his arms as well. His shoes seem to be timberland or military boots. He is also wearing a school uniform, a green blazer, white shirt, a red tie and gray pants.

He is seen wearing a black earring and loses his blue triangles temporarily. His scarf is back again and he's wearing black gloves and black shoes. His eyes are light purple, and his hair is a darker shade from his previous hair colour in season 2.

kai fanfic

Kai is a proud and a very confident blader who is willing to sacrifice everything to get what he wants. He doesn't mind crushing people on the way up though he would much prefer earning things through hard work.

kai fanfic

He doesn't like to lose and feels frustrated and upset whenever he does. However, when he returns to his old self, he does so with an even stronger determination to win. This is a trait he shares with his Phoenix Bit-Beast, Suzaku. He is a quiet and mysterious person. In the beginning, he is visibly more cruel and cold hearted than his Anime counterpart. He originally wanted to destroy all Beyblades as he mistakenly believed that they stole his father away from him, leading to a deep hatred of all Beyblades.

After finding out that wasn't true, Kai has proven that he has a soft side and has even been seen laughing occasionally. Throughout the manga — unlike in the anime — however, Kai shows little personal development.Kai: Haiii. Lloyd: Hi Kai. Kai: Hey. Lloyd: What's up?

Kai: Not much. I'm just taking a poo. Lloyd: Eww Kai. Kai:. Lloyd: Enjoy your poo. Kai: I will. Lloyd: K bye! Kai: Bye. Cole: where r u lloyd? Lloyd: Uh, in my room. Cole: Idk. Just bored. Lloyd: Oh ok:. Cole: I'm inviting the others to the chat. Lloyd: Cool. Kai: what? Zane: Hello. Jay: 'sup?

kai fanfic

Lloyd: Hi guys. Cole's bored. Cole: extremely.

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